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Dad's into School Day

Victory! Beech class were lucky enough to be invited to a Multi-skills Festival at The Windsor Boys’ School on Tuesday. The children were brilliant and were complimented on their behaviour. If this was not praise enough, we also won!
In Maths we have been revisiting arrays to help us with our multiplication. We took inspiration from the book ‘100 Hungry Ants’ by Elinor J.Pinczes. Here are a few pictures of their work!

In Literacy we have been doing Kennings, a type of poem, all about cats. We used the books ‘There are Cats in this book’ and ‘There are no Cats in this book’ by Viviane Schwarz to inspire us.


Our Dance lesson this week consisted of the children doing the infamous New Zealand ‘Hakka’ dance. The children had a lot of fun channelling their inner, fearless rugby player! I managed to get some rather terrifying snaps of their faces and positions!

‘Dads into School’ was a fantastic day! The sun was shining and the Dads were busy doing World Cup themed art; for example pottery, symmetrical flags and masks. Thank you to all the Dads who came in, the children really enjoyed and I hope you did too! We also had sports day in the afternoon which went very well and the children tried really hard.