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Birch class and Mrs Laing made Christmas cards with a Christmas Acrostic inside. We would like to share some with you.


C is for candle that shines so bright

H is for holly that gives us a spike

R is for resting on Christmas Day

I is for ice skating which is fun to play

S is for Santa who rides on his sleigh

T is for tree so shout hooray!

M is for Merry Christmas to everyone

A is for Advent calendar starting at one.

S is for shiny star that shone on Jesus.       By Louis



C is for Christmas when Jesus was born

H is for holly that grows on trees and bushes

R is for reindeer like Red Nose Rudolph

I is for melting icicles

S is for snow deep up to your ankles

T is for tinsel that goes on the tree

M is for magic that happens in winter

A is for angels that flutter above

S is for stockings you get presents in.   By Hannah



C is for Christmas ,a lovely time of year

H is for holly a prickly plant

R is for rum,you might like a little

I is for icicles freezing and cold

S is for stars that shine when Jesus was born

T is for town decorated so beautifully

M is for mince pies so hot and tasty

A is for angels flying in heaven

S is for Santa giving me lovely presents.   By George M


C is for Christmas to have fun with you

H is for holidays to relax with you

R is for rednose reindeer who work so hard

I is for icicles that freeze my fingers

S is for seeing nice people with you

T is for talking about Jesus

M is for Mary and Merry Christmas

A is for amazing angels

S is for silent,sparkling snowmen.  By Evie


C is for candles that light the way

H is for holiday, the time we celebrate

R is for reindeer who guide Santa's sleigh

I is for ice skatingthat we do in our spare time

S is for snowflakes that slowly drift down

T is for tree where we hang decorations

M is for Merry Christmas to all

A is for Advent when we count down

S is for star that shines so bright.   By Eisha


C is for cards

H is for happy families

R is for reindeer

I is for icicles melting

S is for Santa giving presents

T is for tinsel sparkling

M is for mincepies

A is for angel on top of the tree

S is for snow dripping down from the sky.   By Taylor