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Christmas Stars 2014

Picture 1 'Why does Christmas Eve seem so magical?'
Picture 2 S..T..A..R..L..I..G..H..T. Done!
Picture 3 Starlight Express! Wrong sort of starlight, maybe?
Picture 4 'There's a light at the end of the tunnel!'
Picture 5 James Watt the steaming Scot..
Picture 6 'My dad says his laptop is steam driven'
Picture 7 'Google dot com at your service...'
Picture 8 'Who will buy my sweet red roses?'
Picture 9 Food, glorious food! The peanut song
Picture 10 'A cuppa, cuppa, cuppa cuppa tea. Ah!'
Picture 11 'Eat your macaroni, Joe!' 'Is all I ever hear!'
Picture 12 'There's a whole lots of shopping going on!'
Picture 13 '..there's some pickin' and a-choosin' to be done'
Picture 14 'I've got a bargain for Uncle Marvin...'
Picture 15 'We're shopping! High Street hopping!'
Picture 16 We've bought a record for Auntie Ethel..'
Picture 17 Christmas shoppers rock!
Picture 18 And the boys go shopping too..
Picture 19 'We heard you calling!' say the stars
Picture 20 Nelson Mandela imprisoned...
Picture 21 ...on Robben Island
Picture 22 Free Nelson Mandela!
Picture 23 Google has had its turn....
Picture 24 ..but now the stars tell the real story...
Picture 25 No room at the inn..
Picture 26 Mary, Joseph, tell us what you're gonna do!
Picture 27 The star shone brightly over Bethlehem
Picture 28 Mary and Joseph have found a place to stay
Picture 29 Child in a manger born lies in a cattle stall..'
Picture 30 The real meaning of Christmas lies in a manger