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Welcome to Chestnut!

From Miss Khaira, Mrs Wilkinson & Mrs Khan

18th November 2019


Chestnut Class have settled back into another busy and exciting term in Year 3. I have been so proud of the attitudes they have displayed towards their learning and how well they have been working as a team!


In English this term, we have been learning ‘The Manor House’, a suspense story that the children have been using to learn the writers’ tricks which they will use to write their own stories.


In Maths we have been looking at how to find fractions of shapes and amounts and using money to solve word problems. The children have found money a tricky concept so it would be really helpful if they could have opportunities to play with coins practicing adding and subtracting and counting in 2s 5s and 10s.


We have been learning about forces and magnets in Science, looking at pushes and pulls and different types of magnets.


In History, we are learning about the Ancient Greeks. We have looked at timelines, the Greek empire and democracy. We will be looking at Greek gods and goddesses, the Olympics and much more over the next few weeks. We also have the exciting Greek Day coming up next month which will tie into our learning. Our DT topic this term has incorporated researching and planning our own Greek filled pittas. We will be making them next week which will be fun!



Spellings due Mondays

Maths due Wednesdays


Chestnut class Library & PE Days...

Library Day is: Thursday

PE Days are: Monday & Thursday

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