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From Mrs Issitt & Mrs Owona


13th January 2020


Welcome back Cedar! What a lovely last term we had and I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas holidays. We are looking forward to a great 2020. I have been so impressed with how hard you have been trying in all lessons. We have worked so well in English this term, looking at an Anglo Saxon story of Beowulf. This also links in with our very interesting History topic of Anglo Saxons. Wow, England was invaded so many times in the past! No wonder our language is a mixture of so many others and rather complex.


In Science this term we are learning about sound. We have conducted a sound walk through school. This week we have been testing what affects our hearing by heading out to the playground. I used a triangle and moved away one metre at a time from the class. It was interesting to see at which point we could no longer hear the sound and think about other variables which affected the results. We also used cups and string in order to see how sound can travel along a wire.


Here are some pictures from the Science lesson.  

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday, you will need an outdoor kit which includes trainers as well as an indoor kit.
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