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From Mrs Manwaring, Mrs Adamson & Mrs Smith

9th January 2020


The highlight of the Autumn Term was our journey back to Ancient Greece! We all had a fantastic day learning more about the Ancient Greeks through art, drama and storytelling. Birch class all wrote recounts of the day. Here are a few to tell you more about our special day...


Our Ancient Greek Day


On Monday 2nd December Year 3's time travelled back to 500 BC and had a taste of what life was like in Ancient Greece. As part of their History unit, the Year 3's were very excited to learn lots more about what life was like in Ancient Greece.


The second the school doors opened on Mondy morning, an excited group of Year 3 children came to class in their plain white dresses and their golden wreaths to really enjoy their exciting greek day. Feeling the most excited they had ever felt in their lives, they very happily went into the hall and found themselves in a greek workshop. Once they knew what they were doing the Year 3's chose what activity they wanted to do. They carved soap, did mosaic tiles, wax tablets, made candles and painted different patterns on lots of different tiles. But if they felt like they were working too hard the doctor would give you some medicine.


During the morning, the Year 3's were fully inspired because Callum and Alexander got to be spies. Year 3 listened very well to stories about Ancient Greek times and even got to ask the Oracle of Delphi questions.


After lunch, the Year 3's got into groups and performed for all of the other children and adults. Despite only having a short time to practise, all of Year 3 really enjoyed performing some poems, plays and dances. Lyra wowed everyone by leading the dance and everyone enjoyed William's brilliant acting. Some children were slaves and served everyone else a feast of bread, cake, olives, cheese, grapes and some juice. It was definitely a day to remember.


At the end of the day, all of Year 3 went home with a bag full of things they had made to remind them of their special day. It was a very exciting and interesting day where history really came to life in an interesting Greek workshop.


By Ella


Our trip back to Ancient Greece


On Monday, the Year 3's time travelled back to the Year 500BC and had an experience of what life was like in Ancient Greece. As part of their history topic, they were ready to take a trip back in time and learn more about this interesting period of time.


As soon as the school doors opened, an excited group of Year 3's came to class in their white dresses and togas ready to discover the life of an ancient greek child. Feeling slightly confused, they edged excitedly and found themselves in an ancient greek activity day. Once they had been welcomed by the greek lady they sat on the ground ready to follow her instructions.


During the morning, the children were fully immersed in the experience with teachers getting slaves! They were excited to find out what they would be doing next. The children did: carving soap, designing mosaic tiles and making olive oil. The children were working hard and the Greek visitor told stories of the ancient greek gods and goddesses.


After lunch, the Year 3's were planning a concert. The girls were doing a dance, the boys were doing a cyclops story, and the slaves were serving everyone a feast of cake, bread, grapes, olives and finally 'wine'! It was a celebration to remember.


At the end of the day, all the Year 3s went home with a special bag of memories of how fun it was on Greek Day! It was a fun day at Oakfield First School!


By Fatima

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