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Autumn Term

And welcome to another busy year! The children are settling in well to our new class and it was lovely to meet so many parents at the ILC day.


We have started work on our new projects for the term. In Literacy we are studying a story in film called Kirikou. It’s set in a traditional West African village and a very special and unusual baby is the hero. We have been discussing the feelings and motives of the characters in the story and writing questions we would ask the characters. Harry made an excellent Kirikou on the Hot Seat! We’ve also been making up rhyming chants about Kirikou and the other main characters and everybody had a go at role-playing the evil sorceress Karaba!

As many of you know, it is the 50th Anniversary of the school this year and we have been looking into the history of the last 50 years by looking at how people have listened to music over this time period. We’ve had a fantastic collection of artefacts brought in and the children have produced some very detailed labelled sketches. 

Mr Taylor lent us his 80s stereo and Miss Hathaway managed to dig out her old personal cassette player! If you have anything of interest to share, please let us know! Thank you to Lily’s family for lending us a very old record.

You’ll be able to see a display of our findings if you come along to the 50th Anniversary Celebrations on 25th October! Perhaps in the meantime you’d like to get involved with helping your child learn more about this topic. Tell them about your experiences from the past and compare it to their own. Show them how you buy and store your music today. Find out who invented some of the things we store music on or play music on. What were they trying to achieve with their inventions – more portable?   Better quality of sound? Were they successful? Go with what interests you – your enjoyment and passion will get your child excited about their learning too! 

Fitness and Fun!


Every child in Chestnut has worked extremely hard in gymnastics. We wanted to share some of our work with you to show how we have been working on shapes and travelling to create sequences. What shapes can you spot us doing? 


On October 22nd we had a really fun afternoon at Windsor Boys’ School taking part in a multi-sports event.  There were 10 different activities to try with everything from football dribbling to space hopper racing!  We were exhausted at the end, though we just about found energy for a class game of tag while we waited for the mums and dads!