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Autumn Term - Week 9

Week commencing 10th November


Welcome back! Here are some of the things we have been getting up to in Ash class this week…

This week our topics have been Remembrance and the story of Goldilocks.

On Monday we learned about Remembrance Day ahead of Tuesday’s assembly. We found out about what we remember and why and we also made poppies to wear. Mrs King showed us some photographs of her trip to London to see the poppies.

On Tuesday we were very lucky and had a visit from a lady who teaches Spanish club at Oakfield. We had lots of fun learning songs in Spanish.

We have been learning the story of Goldilocks and linking it to our learning in lots of different ways.


In maths we have looked at different sizes and practised putting different items in size order. We had to make sure we were using the proper words to describe and talk about the differences in size. We have also been learning to use our number lines and have been playing lots of counting games and trying to work out missing numbers.

In literacy we have been doing lots of storytelling using props and sequencing events. We have also been brave writers and had a go at writing about Goldilocks.

In phonics we have learned the sounds “h,b,f,ff”. We are continuing to practise using our phonics both to read and write words – this week we had to match words and pictures buried in porridge!

We had a go at doing some role play and “hot seating” this week. We had to pretend to be different characters from Goldilocks and ask and answer questions in role.

Outside we have been hopping through hoops,  playing in our home corner and busy building in the builders yard.

Next week…

We will be reading the story of “3 Billy Goats Gruff” and using puppets, toys and drawings to retell the story. In maths we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes. In phonics we will be learning the sounds “l,ll,le,ss”.


At home…

Please continue to read with us every night – don’t forget to sign our reading records because this shows our teachers we have read. Try testing us on our knowledge of Goldilocks – can we tell you the whole story in order?

Look out for lots of different shapes with us around the house, this will help us at school next week.

Don’t forget to check back soon!

Ash Class x