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Autumn Term - Week 5

Welcome back! Here are some of the things we have been getting up to in Ash class this week…

On Tuesday we shared our “H is for Holiday” projects. We made a museum display of them for everyone to see and we also took it in turns to share our projects with the class. This really helped us with our speaking, listening and question asking skills. We ask questions all the time without realising it but this week has really made us think about question words like “what, who, how, where, did”. At home you can help us by encouraging us to think about what it is we would like to find out about something and support us to put it into a question.

We have been learning the story of “The Little Red Hen” and have been telling the story as a class using a large story map. We have also been making our own story maps and sequencing some pictures from the story.

We started phonics this week and have learned the sounds “s”, “a”, “t” and “p”. We have been practising writing these in lots of different ways and listening out for these sounds in words.



In maths we have been playing counting games on the interactive whiteboard. We have been counting out a given number of items and also matching quantities to numerals.

Outside we have been role playing in our garden centre, mark making and playing musical instruments. We have formed some bands and have been practising singing along in time with each other!

Next week…

We will be continuing the story of “The Little Red Hen” and we will be making vegetable soup. We will be learning about harvest time and how to prepare food safely. We will also be having a go at writing our own recipes.


At home…

Please continue to help us with our counting and number writing and also to listen out for the sounds in words. We have all got our reading books now so remember to do some reading with us every evening – don’t forget to sign the reading record when we’ve read so our teachers can add this to their records. Don’t forget to check our page again soon!

Ash Class x