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Autumn Term - Week 13

Weeks commencing 8th December and 15th December


Welcome back! We have been getting ready for Christmas in Ash with lots and lots of Christmas activities and crafts. We will be bringing home lots of these with us later this week so do talk to us about what we have made and how.


We worked really hard to get ready for our Saplings Christmas Celebration with lots of songs to learn. Some of us had speaking parts so had to practise speaking clearly using big voices, whilst others had instruments to play so had to learn to play in time with each other and the music.


In maths we have been doing lots of repeating and continuing Christmas patterns and explaining how we know what would come next.


In phonics we have learned the sounds we have been practising our tricky words and learning to read and write simple labels and captions.

We have had lots of exciting things happening at school, including the Christmas lunch, Christmas fayre and a VERY special visitor!

Next term…

Our topic will be “Journeys – Let’s Travel!” and we will be looking at different types of journeys and ways to travel. We will be looking at personal journeys and trips we have been on and thinking about which modes of transport we used. We will also be learning about what different modes of transport are used for and when we use them.


At home…

Please continue to read with us regularly; re-reading a familiar book can be useful as it allows us to develop skills such as fluency and expression in our reading. It is also a good way to build up our recognition of familiar and repeating words (particularly the tricky words we can’t sound out).


Practise counting with us, both forwards and backwards, and talking about “more” and “less”. We will be learning about addition and subtraction after Christmas so it is really important we have a good understanding of where numbers lie in relation to each other (e.g. knowing which out of two numbers is bigger/smaller).


Most importantly, have a fantastic Christmas and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the New Year!

Ash Class x