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Autumn Term - September 2015 Part 1

We hope that you have had a lovely summer holiday. In Birch, we have been working hard to settle into new routines and to learn new things. In English, we have been reading and writing poetry and thinking really carefully about choosing vocabulary carefully so that our meaning is clear. Here is the beginning of a poem that we wrote and edited together:



As strong as a magnet clinging to a metal frame

As cute as a hairy, scruffy Boarder Terrier jumping on the bed

As clever as an imaginative scientist experimenting with a smoking potion

As thin as a blue dolphin’s wiggling tail

As fit as an active hamster running and turning on its back in its wheel


In Science, we have been learning about the different ways that plants disperse, or spread their seeds. We really enjoyed exploring the grounds at school to see how many different examples we could find!


Here are some photos of us at work over the first few days:

Our PE days are on Tuesday and Friday. We will be going outside for PE this term and using the field, so we may get muddy. If we do, our kit will be sent home. We would appreciate it if you could put a plastic bag in with your child’s PE kit in case his or her shoes become muddy.

Reading books are already being sent home, and the staff will be giving you more information about homework in Year 3 at the curriculum evening. Our first homework will be sent home on Friday 18th September.