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Autumn Term - October 2015



We have now been in Birch class for almost 8 weeks! Here are some highlights from our learning over the last term.


Since the excitement of Robo Bednar’s sandwich construction, we have developed our programming skills in Computing lessons. We have been playing the games on Blockly to test our skills (if you want to play at home, please note that the games don’t work very well in Internet Explorer).

In English, we have really enjoyed watching Kirikou and using it to experiment with new vocabulary. We used everything that we had learnt to write a diary entry of the most exciting part of the story so far! Firstly, we acted out the part of the story that would be the basis for our diary and learnt about writing in the first person. We then talked about the importance of planning a piece of writing before beginning, as well as how to edit our work. The whole process took us a long time, and when we finished we had earned a well-deserved treat on the climbing frame. Here’s a photo of us having fun together: