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Autumn Term - December 2015

Ancient Greek Art

In our History lessons this term, we have been learning all about Ancient Greece. We have also enjoyed listening to some of the different myths and legends that the Ancient Greeks have left us to enjoy today. Here’s a little window into what we’ve been getting up to when we designed our own Greek vases as part of this topic.


We learnt about the Ancient Olympics and how it inspired the modern games. Some of the events are still played today, such as the running races and wrestling, but some are not. Chariot racing and the violent pankration were particularly interesting to learn about! You can read more about the Ancient Olympics here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/ancient_greeks/the_olympic_games/


First of all, we had to learn how to mix paints to achieve the proper shade of terracotta for our pots. We made colour wheels to show what we found out about mixing the primary colours. We also learnt about the importance of washing our brushes in between changing colours!

The next step was to apply what we’d learnt about mixing colours to paint the background of our vases. Here we are in action:

Finally, we all ended up with something that looked like these:

We then spent some time thinking about what we thought a vase showing the Ancient Olympics would look like. To do this, we looked at lots of photographs of real vases that archaeologists have found and talked about the sports that we could see. This is a really important way for historians to find out about what it was like in Ancient Greece and we’ve certainly learnt a lot from looking at vases, too. We used colouring pencils to add our designs on top of the dry paint.

The finished vases look beautiful and we’re looking forward to putting them up on the walls for everybody to admire!