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Autumn Term (3)

Christmas is in full swing in Sycamore class.


Mr Bednar, Mrs Morgan and Miss Lay prepared the classroom with the tree and Advent calendar on Friday, which the children knew nothing about.

So they had a lovely surprise on Monday morning. We were in complete darkness, with only the lights from the tree on. We also had Christmas Carols playing to set the scene; it was lovely to watch the children's faces as they came in.

For our advent calendar we decided to make Father christmas. Each day 1 child will cut off a piece of his beard so it wil get shorter and shorter the closer it gets to Christmas.

We also thought about the true meaning of Advent and Christmas and decided it would be a good idea to get the children to focus on 'giving' rather than just 'recieving'. To do this we came up with the idea of the children doing 'good deeds'. So as well as cutting off his beard, the child will collect a good deed from Father Christmas' pocket. The good deed applies to the whole class. so you may have found your little one cleaning their bedroom on Monday evening! ;-)

Of course keeping in with tradition, the children get a chocolate to take home too.