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Autumn Term - 21st November 2014

Friday 21st November


This week in Birch, we have continued to work towards writing our own myths. We have thought about where our myth will take place, what the hero or heroine of our myth will be like, and what the monster they will have to defeat will look like. Some of our ideas have been very creative! We particularly enjoyed learning about the different mythical creatures of the Ancient Greek myths and legends. You can see some of our work here:

Next week, we will be thinking about the structure of our stories before beginning to write them, trying hard to think about where we will need to begin new paragraphs. Our final task will be to illustrate our myths to really bring them to life. 


We have continued to enjoy reading to each other during our reading buddy time. It’s been fun to hear about books that our classmates have enjoyed and to try to catch each other out by making deliberate mistakes and seeing if our buddy notices!

In our RE lessons, we have been learning about light and how it is important in different religious. We learnt the story behind Hanukah and then we made our own menorahs. Watch out for them on the windows around Birch next week!