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Autumn Term - 20th October 2014

It has been yet another busy week in Birch!


We started the week with a visit from Martin the Puppet Man, who performed a wonderful puppet show called A Fishy Tail. This helped to remind us of the damage that litter and pollution can do to animals that live in the sea. Martin was kind enough to answer our questions about how he made the puppets after the show, and we found this to be really interesting.


On Thursday, four of us went to participate in a Benchball tournament. We played so well that we won! We’re looking forward to the upcoming tournaments after half term.


In our English lessons, we’ve been focussing on improving our vocabulary to describe things. We have all produced some excellent writing to describe the appearance and personality of spiders and warthogs, which are both characters in the Anansi story that we have been learning. We also had the opportunity to write another diary entry for Kirikou on our own to show off all of the skills that we’ve learnt this term. They really show how much progress we have made since September.


As part of our work on Kirikou and West Africa, we have learnt about traditional African Masks, which are used in ceremonies. We examined some examples of these masks and then designed our own, carefully planning how we would make our masks and the materials that we would need to create them. We also spent some time trying to improve our sketching skills by drawing the masks.


After half term, we will be learning all about Ancient Greece, particularly myths and legends. The adults in year 3 have lots of exciting things planned for us!