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Autumn Term 2014 (2)

This term we have been studying Space and Famous Explorers.


The children have written fabulous stories about travelling into space and have found out all sorts of interesting facts on the way. We enjoyed a science show about ‘Light’; we especially liked the bit where they sprinkled powder over a laser beam so we could see it.

We have learnt all about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and now we are learning about another famous explorer called Captain James Cook.


During our science lessons we have been learning about everyday uses for materials. We experimented with torches to see which materials were transparent. Then we used this information to design space suits with masks which would give clear vision for the Astronauts.


Also we have been studying the artist ‘Matisse’ especially his famous picture of a snail. We attempted our own snails during computing lessons and in class using coloured pieces of paper. Then Mrs Mort came in and helped us make snails out of clay which will hopefully be ready for Christmas.


Now we have started getting into the Christmas spirit by putting up our Advent Calendar and rehearsing for the Christmas production.


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!