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Autumn Term 2014 (1)

Well we have had a busy start to the year with ‘Adventure Night’ and ‘Apple Picking.’


We are very lucky to have our very own Orchard on site; the children enjoyed picking their own apple and then weighing it. We then used Mrs Hart’s very special gadget which peels, cores and slices the apple. We put them all in a big pot and cooked them. Most of us enjoyed eating a bowl full of stewed apple some of us were not quite so keen.
The children have been learning about ‘Health and Growth’ in Science. During these sessions we have been discussing healthy foods to eat, how to keep our body healthy by exercising and the best way to wash our hands. We chose 3 children to put oil and cinnamon on their hands and they each washed their hands in a different way. Number 1 used just cold water, Number 2 used cold water and soap and number 3 used warm water and soap. The children observed that  Number 3 worked best!!!