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Autumn Term - 14th November 2014

In Birch this week, we have really enjoyed learning more about Ancient Greece. We began to learn about the gods, what the Greeks believed they controlled and their symbols. Once we had learnt about them, we used what we learnt to design a shield representing one of the gods. We’re looking forward to sharing them here once we have finished them next week. Here are two of our designs that are still works in progress:

Can you work out which gods these two children have chosen to represent?


As part of our history topic, we have also learnt about sport and the Ancient Olympics. We discovered that the Greeks believed that training hard and winning at the Olympics was believed to be a great honour to the gods. We had a go at some of the events that the Ancient Greeks participated in, such as the marathon, and will be trying the sprint, discus and jumping event next week. In our English lessons, we have been exploring the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. We have acted it out and dedicated a lot of time to writing a diary entry of Orpheus’ experience when he tried to rescue Eurydice. It was lovely to see how much our writing has improved since September. Next week, we will be planning and writing our own Ancient Greek myths. We’re really looking forward to it!


During our PSHE lesson this week, we thought a lot about the importance of working together and how we can support each other’s learning. The adults in Birch have set up a reading buddy system, and we have been reading out loud to each other, as well as sharing what we like about our books.