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Autumn Term - 13th October 2014

We have been very busy in Birch class this week. On Tuesday, we all went to church to celebrate Harvest. The choir sang When I Grow Up from Matilda beautifully, and lots of us had something to say, which we did loudly and clearly so that everybody at the back of the church could hear us.


Everybody has now had the chance to share their ‘H is for holidays’ ILC day projects with the class. We have had an amazing variety of projects, with everything from a model of a hot air balloon to poetry. Presenting these was a great opportunity for us to rehearse our questioning and answering skills.


We are busy practising for the upcoming Benchball tournament next week. As part of this, we are currently having a tournament with Chestnut to see if we can find the Oakfield Year 3 Champions! We will finish our tournament next week.


In music this week, we had a go at composing in groups. First, we listened careful to some of the music that accompanies Kirikou, which we’ve been watching in literacy. We thought about things that we could hear and came up with lots of ideas, such as repetitive patterns, rattling sounds, wooden instruments and the volume becoming louder as the film becomes more frightening. Then we experimented with a huge variety of percussion instruments to see if we could replicate any of the sounds in Kirikou. Finally, we worked in small groups to compose a short piece of music to go alongside part of the film and performed this piece to our class. We were very lucky to have somebody’s father come to school and tell us all about his time living in West Africa. He brought some really interesting things for us to look at: