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Autumn Term 1 2014

Welcome Beech Class 2014-15! We have been really busy so far this term and have been doing a lot of exciting things.


In English we have looked at a variety of stories and short films such as ‘Tom Sweep’, ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘The Shopping Basket’. We have done a lot of writing and drama activities to help us learn skills such as speech marks and commas, alternative endings and understanding the character and their feelings.

In the ‘Cubes’ maths group we have been revising our number bonds within and to 10, 20 and 100. We have also been using these to help us with doubling and halving. The children have also been ordering and locating 2 and 3 digit numbers.

In PE the children chose 4 activities to complete for the NSPCC ‘Big Workout’ to raise money for the Childline, in particular. The children decided on balancing bean bags on their heads, skipping, bouncing a ball and throwing bean bags into a hoop. We had a lot of fun doing it and have already received the sponsorship forms so well done!