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Updated 20th March 2020


23rd January 2020


Our focus so far this term has been the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We have worked hard as a class at learning the story using story maps and actions to help us. Here is the version of the story that we have learnt:


Once upon a time there was a kind girl called Handa who decided to put seven delicious fruits in a basket and give them to her friend Akeyo.

She will be surprised, thought Handa as she set off for Akeyo’s village. I wonder which fruit she will like the best.

Will she like the soft yellow banana? Thought Handa as the cheeky monkey took it!

Will she like the sweet smelling guava? Thought Handa as the large ostrich took it.

Will she like the round juicy orange? Thought Handa as the stripy zebra took it.

Will she like the ripe red mango? Thought Handa as the enormous elephant took it.

Will she like the spiky-leaved pineapple? Thought Handa as the tall giraffe took it.

Will she like the creamy green avocado? Thought Handa as the jumpy antelope took it.

Will she like the tangy purple passionfruit? Thought Handa as the colourful parrot took it.

Which fruit will Akeyo like best? Thought Handa as the grumpy goat ran into the tree! After that all the tangerines tumbled into the basket.

“Tangerines!” said Akeyo. “My favourite fruit.”

“TANGERINES?” said Handa. “That is a surprise!”


And here is the story map that we created as a class. See if your child can tell you the story using the story map.

Picture 1

As part of our work on Handa’s surprise, we have been learning about Africa and African animals. We also had a fruit tasting. The children all enjoyed tasting the different fruits from the book. Here are some photos of the fruit tasting.

In Maths we created tally charts showing which fruit the children liked best. We then used these to create pictograms and block charts. We’ve also used the fruits from Handa’s basket to practise subtraction.


The children are doing really well in phonics, we’ve nearly finished learning the phase 3 sounds. We’re also practising tricky words every day.


Thank you for reading our page, we hope you’ve enjoyed finding out what we’ve been up to in Ash class.

Throughout the year in Saplings there are occasions when we offer the children small amounts of a variety of foods to taste, to fit in with our current topic. We are aware of dietary requirements already supplied, should there be any changes, please inform the school office and we will take note of this when providing food to your child.

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