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April 2016

April 2016


For the past two weeks, Year 3 have been learning about money with some visitors from Metro Bank. They have taught us all about bank accounts and how to save up for something we really want. We had some very exciting options of what we would like to buy with our savings from hoverboards to a horse!


In class, we have discussed all the different banks and we recognised some from the High Street and also from the banks that families use.


On Tuesday 26th April, we walked to Metro Bank to see the bank in action. We were able to see in the vault. We were given a number and had to find the matching safety deposit box. It was hard as there are thousands!

We also looked at the Magic Money Machine. This counted the money we had. We all had a guess to see who could correctly predict how much was in the bag.

At the end of our trip, Metro Man came to see us and we all gave him a high five and a hug. He gave us all some goodies.