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50th Anniversary of Oakfield

Our first term back at school went by so quickly and we managed to fit lots in! We were busy with the harvest festival, writing and sending postcards home and, of course, the 50th Anniversary of Oakfield! We really enjoyed learning about the past 50 years, in particular our topic of ‘Toys and Games’. Come and look at our displays in the corridor!


To get us ready for the new season, Year One’s topic this term is ‘Light and Dark’. To start off the new topic we began to think about the dark and how it makes us feel. We read ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and thought about why the dark isn’t really scary. We created some marvellous sentences, such as dark is wonderful, dark is exciting, dark is necessary and dark is beautiful. We used these ideas to write a letter to Plop to tell him why he shouldn’t be afraid anymore. We wrote some amazing letters and I’m sure Plop isn’t afraid anymore! We are going to continue exploring books set in the dark over the term and if you have any books you would like to share with the class then feel free to bring them in (named pleased!).

Reading the story also made us think about all the things that happen at night time which we don’t see during the day, so in science we looked at these changes further and started to think carefully about different light sources. We will be investigating this more over the coming term and exploring questions such as ‘is the moon a light source?’ and ‘how do we stay safe in the dark?’

We are also using non-fiction texts to research our topic more and looking at the differences between theses texts and fiction books. We have used interactive books too which made us think about the different forms of communication around us, such as books, TV, sounds and symbols. To explore this topic further the children have been working with Mr Sendorek during ICT lessons. Click on the links below to see more from our ICT lessons.

This term is a very busy but exciting term with the build up to Christmas! There are lots of events taking place in and around school, along with our theatre trip in December. We’ll be taking lots of photos along the way so check back to have a look at them!