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Statutory Grants

The Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium is designed to maximise the educational opportunities for children who may be looked after (in Local Authority care), or whose parents may be on low incomes or members of the Armed Forces, by providing them with additional support.  Below please find details of Oakfield's recent Pupil Premium income and expenditure and the positive impact which this grant has had on our pupils.

The PE Grant

The PE grant has been provided to schools nationally to embed the development of PE at the 'grass roots' level following interest generated by the Olympics in 2012 and also to address concerns about obesity in children and to teach children about the benefits of developing a healthy lifestyle from an early age.  It is the government's intention that by promoting a love of sport and physical activity in children, they will be encouraged to continue these good habits and lifestyle choices into adulthood.


The funding is being delivered over 3 years (2013-2016). Please find below an explanation of our funding and plans for this academic year.

The Music Grant

The music grant has been delivered to Local Music Hubs to provide extended musical opportunities and curriculum advice to schools within their areas. Oakfield works very closely with our Local Music Hub (Berkshire Maestros) and benefits from the breadth of their musical programmes. Examples include:

'Into Music'. This programme enables all our Year 3 children to learn an orchestral instrument within school time funded by the Music Hub. 'Into Music' instruments for 2014/15 are clarinet, violin and cello.
'Play On'. This programme is funded by the school but provided by Berkshire Maestros and enables all our Year 4 children to continue for a further year with the instruments which they started with in Year 3. 'Play On' instruments for 2014/15 are oboe, viola and cello.
Opportunities to work with professional musicians and other schools eg. singing at the Royal Albert Hall in March 2014 under the baton of Peter Hunt (Berkshire Maestros' Head of Voice).