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Mrs Turrall, Mrs Issitt, Mrs Peryer & Mrs Khan


1st February 2018


In Holly Class we are learning about the Oakfield Values. Alongside this we are thinking about resilience in our learning. Mrs Turrall has produced a wonderful display to remind us that we learn things in our own way, and it is ok to try and not know everything straight away, and mistakes help us with our development. When we are not afraid to try, we become more resilient and this helps our brains to grow and develop. Mistakes in our learning become stepping stones for further growth and we become more confident to have a go, even if we get it wrong.

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The traffic lights help the children to assess how they are doing with their work and whether we have understood it or need extra help. This helps us as teachers see who needs more help for the task at hand. Again, we want children to understand it is ok to not understand something fully ‘yet’.

In Science Mrs Issitt has so enjoyed teaching about how plants grow and develop. We planted some cress seeds and placed them in four different environments for a week to see what the effect of no air, no water and no sunlight would have. Children predicted the outcome for each different environment.

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Our library day is Monday.


We have PE on Tuesday & Thursday.


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