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Miss Stevens, Miss Odell and Mrs Peryer


10th July 2017




This term Holly Class have been super busy! The children have really enjoyed their swimming lessons and they have all become more confident getting into the pool. On Friday 9th June we had our Sports Day. The children had such a blast! Every child had so much fun and realised they were better at certain sports than they first believed! Next we had our fundraiser event for the NSPCC charity in which Holly Class had to complete a circuit of active sports activities such as skipping, hurdles and tennis. Again, the children loved being outdoors in the sun and they were all engaged and having fun!



On Friday 16th July we were very lucky to have the dads join us for a whole day! The children blossomed around their dads as both the children and adults got stuck into the activities. In the morning the children designed and created their own castles and I think the dads were very surprised at how many features of a castle the children knew! We had a Science themed afternoon as we wrote our own mini beast riddles in which the children gave clues to their chosen mini beast and the rest of the class had to guess them. Finally we decorated and created our own mini beast from paper mache! We all had such a lovely day and it was a pleasure having the dads join their children for the day to see how they interact in class.

At the beginning of this week the Year 1 children went on a trip to Windsor Castle! We had a wonderful day as the children were lucky enough to watch the changing of the guards and listen to the band playing Michael Jackson songs! The children were so engaged and interested in looking around the State Rooms of the castle. They had so many questions, wanting to find out more! Their main question being ‘when is lunch?’ Every single child was so well behaved and listened to their adults it was an absolute pleasure to take Holly and Maple Class on the trip! smiley

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Lastly, as a little treat for all their hard work this term, the children watched a performance called ‘The Secret Garden’. The Image Theatre group came in and performed to the whole school and even got some of the children up to play certain roles!


Lots of the children are excited about meeting their new teacher for next year. All children will go to their Year 2 Class on Thursday 20th July to meet their new teacher!

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