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Welcome to Chestnut!

From Mrs Adamson and Mrs Knaggs

28th June 2017


On Friday 16th June, we were visited by a number of dads for Dads Into School Day. This year, we have been learning all about ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. To link to this, we designed and created our own ‘wild things’.


During the first session, we wrote spine poems, describing features of our creatures. Here are just some examples of the lovely poetry written by Chestnut Class and the dads:


His polished leather tail is full of vile venom,

On his purple head, horns rise from within his orange mane,

His huge hideous head is full of lots of lead,

His robotic scorpion hand feels as hard as stone and bone,

His slimy smelly tongue hangs from his massive mouth.



Long ears like a rabbit,

Blood red eyes big and round,

Pink teeth pointed like triangles,

On his back he has wings like a bee.



The lips are as red as a rose,

The yellow body has lovely chestnut patches all over,

His tail is so heavy,

His wings are as brown as a rotten potato.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Next, we designed our ‘wild things’ and decided how to create them using modroc, pipe cleaners and paint.


In the afternoon, we were joined by a new group of dads. Each dad had a group of children and they each created a modroc ‘wild thing’. It was great fun if a little messy!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Here are just some of the examples of our finished ‘wild things’.

It was a wonderful day. Thank you so much to all the dads who came as the children thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you.

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