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From Mrs Adamson and Miss Odell

18th January 2018


This term, we have been joined by Matt and Ali from London Irish Rugby. Each Thursday, they are teaching Year 3 Tag Rugby and also leading a session of Maths focused on rugby. This is a lovely way for the children to engage with Maths as they relate their Maths skills to PE and real situations.


The first session compromised of Tag Rugby skills and practising ‘finding the difference’ method and counting to complete a rugby results table.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Can you remember:


  • How many points do you get for winning a game?

  • How many points do you get for losing a game?

  • How many points is a losing bonus?

  • What is a losing bonus?


In the second session, we focused more on 2D shapes. We found 2D shapes in photos of rugby stadiums, drew some and then applied this when designing a new stadium. To design an interesting stadium, we had to use our imaginations. From unicorn themed stadiums to underwater ones, our imaginations ran wild!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

The children have been given a challenge to make a 3D version of their stadiums at home. We discussed lots of ways they could do this, from using Lego to a cereal box. The London Irish team have asked the children to bring in any models in on 8th February. Please do not bring the models in any earlier as storage may be an issue! This is an optional, fun activity set by the London Irish group.


Below are some photos of our fun sessions playing Tag Rugby.

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