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From Miss Hill and Mrs Smith


15th June 2018


Cedar class thoroughly enjoyed having their dads or granddads in to work with them on Dads Into School Day! Thank you everyone who came and spent time with us.


In the first morning session we were lucky to have Mrs Mort in to help the children create a ceramic dragon. These are now going to the kiln to be fired (what else for a dragon?) and then will be returned in a few weeks’ time for glazing. Alongside this, the children wrote some great dragon poems using a ‘spine’ structure.


After play we become a little less imaginative and more scientific! We used the forest school area to search out many of the wonderful invertebrates we share our school grounds with. Spiders, beetles, flies, slugs, snails, centipedes and ants were all found. Who knew there is more than one type of woodlouse?


In the afternoon session we took a closer look at the anatomy of insects and the children demonstrated their knowledge by creating insects out of junk materials, complete with 6 legs and 3 body parts - while Miss Hill brushed up on her use of apostrophes! ;-)


What a wonderful day! Thank you again, parents and children.


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