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From Mrs Manwaring & Mrs Smith

23rd May 2019


This short term has flown past, but we've crammed so much in!


In English, we have practised our discussion skills, by learning how to consider both sides of an argument. Mrs Manwaring gave everyone a shock by telling them that Imperial Park was going to be bulldozed and turned into housing. This created quite an uproar! We discussed all the reasons why we were opposed to the idea, with some of the class arguing their points very passionately! We then considered why this was perhaps necessary, and thought about the benefits that this would bring. Mrs Manwaring then put everyone's mind at rest by telling them it was only a 'prank', to get them thinking about both sides of an argument that they cared about. We produced some great work where we practised our discussions writing in the form of a letter to the council.


In Maths, we have worked hard to improve our mental and written addition skills, and learnt the new skill of 'chunking' when dividing larger numbers. Our times tables are improving, though I would encourage you all to keep practising until you have mastered your 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables.


We have been lucky enough to have a specialist Yoga teacher with us this half term, and it has been great to see the class take time to be calm and reflective, while strengthening their bodies. In the last week of term we had a great time at Windsor Girls School enjoying a Cricket skills session.


In PSHE we have been using the book The Promise to help us think about the importance of looking after the world, and spreading kindness and joy among others. We have used this book as the basis for our artwork. We have used watercolours and pastels to create our own Promise trees, and have had great fun with modroc to create our own bird sculptures. We will be painting these birds next term, so you can look forward to those coming home.


We wish you all a wonderful half term break with plenty of rest and fun, hopefully in the sun!

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