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From Mrs Manwaring, Mrs Khan & Mrs Elderfield


29th June 2018


Birch have come to the end of a fantastic outdoor learning week. Could we have wished for better weather?! We have enjoyed a variety of activities and the children have engaged well with them all. We started the week with team building challenges and scavenger hunts. We have explored nature through art, by creating our own 'Wild Things' using things found in the forest, and making nature mobiles. This was a real test of our patience as we discovered that tying sticks into shapes was not as easy at it looks! We also discovered just how many types of green could be found and came up with our own names (Dulux style!) to describe each colour.


Our team work skills were tested in the Bridge Building challenge, where children had to work together in groups to design and build a bridge that was 20cm from the ground and strong enough to hold a water bottle.


We enjoyed the more physical side of being outdoors with an orienteering afternoon around the school grounds.


The week finished on a real high with making fires and toasting marshmallows! What better way to end a truly enjoyable week, celebrating the end of a really hardworking year for Year 3.

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