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From Mrs Manwaring & Mrs Smith

12th November 2018


Birch have come to the end of their topic on Jamaica, and are really proud of the work they have produced. Our writing focus for last half term was persuasive writing, and we encorporated our learning about Jamaica with our English to write a letter to Mrs Hull persuading her to go to Jamaica on her next holiday! (We dont think she needed much convincing!) We learnt how to use features such as imperative verbs, personal appeal, questions and boastful language to convince our reader of our argument.


We have studied Jamaican culture, and used bright colours and patterns to design some typical Jamaican dress. We also experimented with collage to create Jamaican landscapes.

This half term we are learning how to write to build suspense, so we'll keep you in suspense while we learn how to be effective story writers!

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