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30th June 2017


Birch Class had a great day on Dads into School Day. We spent the day doing activities around 'Where the Wild Things Are', that had been the basis of our English lessons. In the morning, we put our creative thinking caps on to write spine poems that described the Wild Things we had already invented. We used our descriptive writer's toolkit to remember the features of great descriptive writing.


'The wild staring eyes gleamed in the moonlight.

On top of his head stood a pair of horns like two hideous daggers.

Its ferocious teeth gnashed wildly.

Frantically, its huge powerful claws thrashed angrily.'

By Henry


'Huge furry ears that can hear the slightest of sounds.

Giant feathery wings that can fly as high as the moon.

Dagger sharp claws that can rip and tear through walls.

Horrifically horrible hairy feet that stride throught the forest like a colossus.'

By Daisy


After we had descibed our Wild Things through poetry we designed how to create the head of our Wild Thing in 3D. We learnt how we were going to use newspaper and modroc to shape the head, and then thought about how we would like to paint it. We had great (and somewhat messy!) fun using the modroc outside to create our Wild Things. This took quite a lot of patience plus a lot of modroc! We finally painted our models last week, and we're really pleased with the final results. The children can't wait to take them home!


I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the Dads for getting so involved, and particularly for helping other children in the class. Birch really enjoyed and appreciated having so many helpers!


Mrs Manwaring

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