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From Miss Garius and Mrs Godfrey

21st March 2018

Buns, Houses and Mums!


Beech Class have had a lot of fun and busy activities recently; one of the activities being ‘Mums into School’ day. The class welcomed the Mums in for the day where our theme was the Great Fire of London as that has been our topic in History this term.


Firstly the Mums helped the children make bread using bread mix which got VERY messy! Then they kneaded, rolled and shaped the buns into the children’s desired shapes. The children planned how they were going to decorate their buns in the afternoon and got creative. Then Mrs Meakes put the bread in the oven and cooked them to perfection – they smelt divine! Meanwhile the children answered a Great Fire of London quiz and had their mums to help them find the answers hidden around the room. In the afternoon the children had lots of fun making 2D Tudor houses with help from mums and got creative when decorating their buns.


All in all it was a very successful day and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed it!

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