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10th July 2017

Cats, Capacity and Coaching!


Recently Beech Class has been very busy with Sports Day, Dads into School Day and looking ahead to Year 3.


In English we have been looking at special types of poems called ‘Kenning Poems’ which were made in Viking times! We have been using a series of books by Viviane Schwarz ‘There Are Cats in This Book’ and ‘There Are No Cats in This Book’ as inspiration. The children found the books very entertaining as they are very interactive and fun; every time we read it the class would say ‘Again!’ The children used the pattern of a Kenning poem and wrote a poem about cats. We then used our work from our Art lessons to accompany the poems and they came out brilliantly.

Picture 1
Picture 2

In Cubes Maths group we have been focusing more on number work and revisiting areas that the children were not fully confident with such as dividing with remainders and adding/subtracting 2 or 3 digit numbers from one another. We have been encouraging the children to use mental strategies such as the inverse operation, counting in steps and using their number fact knowledge to help find the answer. We also took advantage of the lovely weather and went out to explore more capacity work. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting messy with different containers and water tanks to estimate and measure capacity in ml and L.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Beech Class have been lucky enough to have a few coaching sessions on different sports such as Scatterball. The children really enjoyed learning how to work together and how to show sportsmanship. In other PE lessons we have been focusing on Rounders and after a few sessions we have some very impressive batters and fielders!

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PE days: Monday & Wednesday

Library: Wednesday

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