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21st November 2018

Materials, Near Multiples and Nativity preparations!


Beech class have been extremely busy learning new skills and working hard on our reading, writing and maths (and everything else in between!). We have also just begun casting and putting together the Christmas play which is called Tinsel and Tea Towels and is going to be wonderful!


In English we have been looking at a short BFI film called Dangle. The children thoroughly enjoyed the film and have done lots of drama and writing activities based on the film because we left on a cliff hanger (did he pull the rope or not?!) for a few lessons. The children were able to stretch their imaginations and use this in their writing. We have also been really encouraging the children to independently edit their work using a purple pen; the children have taken this on board and I often hear during lessons “Oh I missed a word I better purple pen it in!”

Picture 1

In Maths we have been learning a lot of different skills but have done a lot of work with 100 squares! The children have been learning how to add and subtract near multiples of 10 to 2 digit numbers as well as using positional and directional language to describe a location. We have also started estimating in m and cm and measuring in cm and mm.


Here are some examples of the children working on adding near multiples of 10:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our Science topic this term is Materials. The children have been doing lots of activities sorting materials into groups and describing them using scientific vocabulary. We have also linked this to our space theme for the term where the children have discussed suitable materials for a space suit and have done some experiments with this.

Picture 1
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